What is Randnet+?

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 Randnet+ is the revival service for the online service for the Nintendo 64DD called Randnet. The Randnet service was launched along with the 64DD and gave the N64 online capabilites, allowing users to share creations, browse the web, play games olnine, and send email to other Randnet users. The Randnet Disk and Mario Artist: Communication Kit were the main ways to access the Randnet service. On Mario Artist: Cummonication Kit, you could share you artwork from the other Mario Artist games and upload them to "Net Studio" (which was like the Flipnote Hatena of Mario Artist) and download other people's work. You could also compete in competitons to win prizes on the disk.

  The Randnet Disk was the REAL main way to access Randnet. The disk offered email capabalities, along with web browsing and exclusive content only able to be accessed on the Randnet disk. The online content was seperated into three categories, DD Fan, GET Mall, and Net the Boon. DD Fan was where you're main content was, games, message boards, etc. Most of the Randnet users would come here to chat with other Randnet users, play online games and compete against other Randnet users, find out the latest news about the 64DD and Randnet, and even experience special events in certain content! The GET Mall was a online shop where you could buy N64 consoles, N64 games, 64DD games, and 64DD units. You could also buy special Nintendo themed postcards to send to friends or family! Net the Boon was pretty much just if content didn't fall under the category of DD Fan or GET Mall, it would go here. The only pieces of content here was Derby Paradise ONLINE, which was a horse betting website, and Zabun LINKS, which was just a collection of links. This service lasted from Feburary 23rd, 2000 to Feburary 28th, 2001 and had a user count of around 15,000 people.
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